Mitigate the stress of selling your property in Maypool, Brixham by using Ridgewater. Not only do we have the skills to steer you through the sales process but we will offer the right support throughout what can be a a difficult period of your life.

Whether you’re selling a family house in Maypool, a 4-bedroom apartment or a house in the country, we have the tools and understanding available to connect you to the right buyer at the right price. Utilising our online presence and our offices situated in notable areas, we are ideally placed to attract potential buyers, translating into more offers on your property.

How we market your home

To gain the maximum exposure for your home, it should be publicised across many platforms to the right buyers, below are a few of the strategies we utilise to advertise your home in Maypool, Brixham.

Increase your property exposure in Maypool

1. Website

If you found us, potential buyers will find us. We get thousands of visits a month to our website, let us proclaim your property in Maypool to our audience of potental buyers!

2. Property portals

If your property isn't advertised on Rightmove, Zoopla and different property search portals, you're neglecting an extensive sum of interested buyers. That's why it's imperative that we advertise your property on these portals as it will expose you to buyers in Maypool, Brixham and nationally.

3. Social Media

With various engaged buyers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, presenting your home on social media has never been so essential. We use a number of social media strategies to distribute your home to buyers in Maypool, Brixham and nationally.

4. Local branches

Local branches are still an imperative strategy in connecting sellers and buyers. Our branches are occupying popular areas for walk in clientele and our "properties for sale" are clearly and charmingly published.

5. For sale boards

Prior to the internet, for sale boards were the most common source for attracting prospective buyers. You may be amazed to find out that for sale boards still bring about buyer interest and we deem them important to marketing your property.

6. Property alerts

Our website and property gateway clientele get alerts when a new property is listed matching their search. Such a simple but noticeably capable strategy may connect a potential buyer to your property.

7. Virtual tours

Let your potential buyers take a virtual tour before tangibly viewing your home in in Maypool. A virtual property tour presents your home and separates real buyers from casual interest.