As part of our commitment to going-green, for every person/organisation that signs up to Octopus Energy through our referral link, we will plant 2 trees in conjunction with the Woodland Trust and you will receive £50 as a thank you from Octopus Energy!

100% Green Electricity as Standard

Who is Octopus Energy?

They're an energy supplier based in the UK who use 100% green electricity.

Octopus Energy want to make the eco-friendly choice the easy choice, so all of their tariffs use 100% green electricity - and they're no more expensive than their competitors' non-green tariffs. You can also carbon offset the gas you use if you want to minimise your environmental impact even further.

Octopus Energy make sure today's renewables infrastructure keeps on turning, generating clean, green energy to power Great Britain. Backed by Octopus Investments, the UK's largest investor in solar power, responsible for nearly 40% of the nation's large scale solar generation.

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Commitment to become eco-friendly

What we're doing to become eco-friendly

We're taking steps to become more eco-friendly and below are some goals that we've already met.

  • We have 1 fully electric car - saving an estimated 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year
  • We are committed to changing all our company cars to electric or hybrid by 2024
  • Changing our processes to save paper. This has saved over 18,000 sheets of paper over the last 12 months……. That’s 2 Trees!
  • We use Octopus Energy for our electric - they are 100% renewable
  • We are trying to spread the word about Octopus Energy and other green & eco-friendly energy suppliers, sign-up with them through our referral link and we will plant two trees in conjunction with Woodland Trust.
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