At Ridgewater we endeavour to ensure your experience of our service is second to none, however we appreciate that at times you may become dissatisfied. We are committed to rectifying any issues as soon as possible.

Whilst we are committed to providing a quality service, we acknowledge that on occasions things can go wrong. If we do not meet your expectations and you are dissatisfied in some way, then we want you to tell us. Most complaints stem from a lack of communication, in that either we misunderstand your instructions or customers misunderstand the service that we provide.

In the first instance, we would encourage you to discuss any problems verbally and informally with the office. If this office is the source of your complaint, staff here should be able to help quickly and answer any questions you may have. If this does not resolve your concerns, then the formal complaints procedure can be invoked.

We have adopted a formal two stage procedure to ensure that any complaint is dealt with fairly and that anyone with a grievance is aware of the procedure to follow, thus avoiding any additional frustration. In certain circumstances it is possible to bypass the first stage although we may decide to refer the matter to the person dealing with the first stage where we consider that to be appropriate. Details of the appropriate persons nominated to deal with each stage of your complaint are shown on the following pages.

If the verbal and informal approach does not satisfactorily deal with your concerns, we ask that you put your complaint in writing to the Manager of the Torquay office at the address below. We advise you to keep copies of all correspondence sent to us and notes of any conversations or telephone calls.

In order to help resolve your concern as quickly and efficiently as possible, we ask you to provide the following information in the letter of complaint:

  • Your name, address and a daytime telephone number on which you can be contacted.
  • The name of the individual within the company with whom you have been dealing.
  • A clear description of your complaint, giving concise details of what you believe has gone wrong.
  • Details of what you would wish to be put right.

Your letter will be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt and you will be advised of the timescale for sending a full reply, which will usually be within 21 days. An internal investigation into your complaint will be undertaken and, following completion of the same, we will provide you with a full response, including details of what actions we have taken or intend to take. It is hoped that this response will resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction.

Ridgewater Property Ltd
38a Fore St
St Marychurch
Tel: 01803 313 577

If you remain dissatisfied with any aspect of our handling of your complaint, then it may be appropriate for the matter to be referred to an independent third party.

If you are a consumer, you should contact:

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43 - 55 Milford Street

Tel No: 01722 333 306
Fax No: 01722 332 296
This is a free service.

You have 12 months to refer a complaint to the Property Ombudsman